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The Ambassadors Council, an informal advisory and action council, is designed to support the AMCF in achieving its mission by spreading the word about the Foundation, and furthering the Foundation's efforts to extend its outreach to a broader network of community initiatives by helping to connect us with new donors and supporters.


The Amy Marie Crabtree Foundation

The Board

John Crabtree - Chairman
Christine Crabtree - Secretary
Dwight McGuirk - Treasurer
Elizabeth Crabtree - Assistant Treasurer
Kathryn Crabtree - Director
Madeline Crabtree - Director
Neil Regan - Director
Kurt Peters - Director
Nancy Metz - Director

The Ambassadors

Grace Bennett
Nancy Bryson
Leslie Cecil
Katie Coakley
Amie Crabtree
Lisa Crabtree
Maggie Crabtree-Bloiso
Irene Crabtree-Felsman
Rita Crabtree-Kampe
Margi Dolan
Michael Dolan
Clare Eberts
Jan Golash
Sue Gorman
Kelle Gildea
Fred Jorgensenv
Sue Meany

Doug Metz
Creighton Michael
Vickie Morris
Margot Mustich
Jim Mustich
Lisa Rubin
Loretta Russo
Laurie Sackler
Arthur Sackler
Susan Segal
Kellyn Shoecraft
Ellie Simmonds
Maggie Sullivan
Kent Thomas
Maureen Tostanoski
Tim Tostanoski
Liz Walsh
Rich Walsh

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